The New Album is Here – My Human Ways

Well it’s finally finished! The new record My Human Ways is now available online at most music sites! The record is a compilation of songs written by Carroll Matthews Young and Jeff Franzel and brought to life with our talented friends in Austin and Kentucky. Recorded at Arlyn studio in Austin( Willy Nelson old studio) last summer. We crossed lines and decided to doa sample free sequence free analog record with great old mics and a Austin vibe oozing from the walls the band stayed at Gram Parsons old house with his vibe everywhere. As producer I wanted to channel that organic sound and instruments but let the song dictate the direction. While we are all old enough for discounts at Denny’s we don’t think that’s a bad thing and brought some wisdom and roots along with truth. I think there is something for everyone and try to keep it positive throughout. The players
Carroll Young. Vocal
David Grissom. Guitars
Michael Ramos keys accordion
Jeff Myers bass
Warren Hood strings mando
Jimmy Daniel drums
Rafael Padilla. percussion.
The Triplets. Back up vocals
Cleto Escobedo III. sax on one cut.
All these guys are monsters and made the project a joy. Shout out to Jacob and guys at Arlyn and Cristian Robels help with mix. Steve Marcussen did a great job Mastering too. Give it a listen. Buy it at least. Support your friends as they will yours. Share it please. It really doesn’t suck
Dan Young